BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich

I had one hell of a lunch today at Legal Beans, and no, it did not involve coffee. You wouldn’t guess by the name, but Legal Beans at 2 Division St., is actually a BBQ meat joint. Located in a small shack off a desolate stretch of Newark Ave., its unassuming exterior is no introduction to the bold foods roasted inside. Quality BBQ and southern sides such as mac and cheese and baked beans are rarities in this area, and Legal Beans fills this void.
I narrowed my choices down to either the brisket or the pulled pork sandwich and settled on the pork for $8.56 (including tax). I asked how fresh the meat was and was informed that the pig was smoked for 12 hours the day before so it was very fresh. I tried not to drool as I hurried back to my desk to indulge in my swiney treat.
The sandwich was ginormous. There was easily two inches of perfectly pulled pork over top a layer of thinly sliced dill pickles. A gorgeous, palate cleansing purple cole slaw complimented the piquant pork. The pork had a deep, smoky flavor and a hint of spice. The squishy roll absorbed all the yummy sauce and made this sandwich extremely gratifying to eat.
The sandwich turned out to be so large that just half of it filled me up and I saved half for the next day’s lunch. Although it’s probably the least office friendly lunch I can imagine, I’m already looking forward to my next trip to Legal Beans to try the Brisket and the mac and cheese.
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