Pâté and Ham Bánh mì & Macaroons

For weeks my coworkers have been raving about the Bánh mì at Rue Viet Sandwich & Noodle Bar. I couldn’t hold off any longer and on a balmy day in early April, and with much anticipation, I hiked to 270 Newark Ave. I don’t think I will be offending anyone by saying this is the trendy area of Jersey City. It’s pretty obvious that it is, and Rue Viet fits in perfectly in this part of town.

Its thoughtful design and cheerful, sunny interior make Rue Viet an enjoyable place to dine. Each table is complete with Vietnamese hot sauce, a jar of fresh jalapeños for us heat lovers, and best of all, Koh Kae Chicken flavored peanuts to munch on. The highlights of the menu include the Vietnamese Sandwiches (Bánh mì) and other interesting dishes such as baked eggs, chilled peanut noodle salad, and steamed pork buns. Rue Viet also has an array of homemade juices and desserts.

I chose the Pâté and Ham Bánh mì for $5.

My Bánh mì consisted of a crispy baguette spread with pâté and filled with a few slices of ham and a healthy dose of fresh cucumber, cilantro, and shredded carrots. The spicy mayo, and jalapeños that I added gave it a nice kick. I thoroughly enjoyed this refreshing sandwich. Despite eating ham and pâté, I didn’t experience the itis that often occurs following a meaty, fatty, or gargantuan meal. I think it was all the raw vegetables that spared me.

Before leaving, the owner informed us that Rue Viet will have a mobile cart serving up Bánh mì this summer on Jersey City’s waterfront and at the Friday Grove Street parties (I LOVE these). He also gave us some homemade berry macaroons and mmmmmmmm they were supurb!

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