Stuffed Bread & Zeppoles

My fellow clerks and I ventured pretty far down Newark Ave. to get to the Second Street Bakery. Our original destination was Rue Viet but upon arrival we were chagrined to discover that it is in fact closed Mondays. We quickly followed Plan B and steered ourselves toward 402 Second Street to hit up the Second Street Bakery to try their famous stuffed bread.

It turns out that the Second Street Bakery is a hole in the wall, to-go only joint, located on a predominately residential block near Grove Street. Sometimes Jersey City makes me feel like I went back in time, in a good way.

The stuffed bread is exactly what it sounds like. A huge chunk of bread stuffed with an assortment of fillings. I chose one of the Italian sausage and potato stuffed breads that were pre-wrapped and all ready to go for a mere $2.50. It was about the size of a six inch Subway sub but with way more girth and mass.
Upon biting into the bread, I was immediately reminded of a Spanish tortilla because of what I believe is an odd combination: potatoes and bread. Once I made it to the sausages, I was able to fully delight in the beautifully spiced meat juices that were baked into the bread and potatoes. The interior of the bread was my favorite part, it was a mushy semi-solid that was very gratifying to eat. The bread itself was a freshly baked, pristine loaf with a crusty exterior perfect for containing the morsels inside. I ate my stuffed bread at room temperature and thoroughly enjoyed it, how could I not? It’s a carb lovers dream.
Thought zeppoles were just for carnivals and county fairs? Well, they aren’t and the Second Street Bakery has them available for whenever your fried dough craving strikes. My friends and I decided to share a half dozen for $3. These hand crafted fried Italian treats were fluffy and sweet. The light dusting of powered sugar on top was just the right amount and did not overwhelm the dough’s own subtle taste. These zeppoles blew their carnival counterparts out of the water, especially since they had all the flavor without being completely drenched with grease.
The Second Street Bakery was a huge hit both food and price wise. Check out the rave reviews it got on Yelp.
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