Pizza $1.75 a slice

What is my heritage you ask? Well, that’s easy. I’m pizza blooded. If there’s one thing that runs through my veins it’s my love for pizza. I inhereted my refined tastes from my father, who is originally from Queens, NY.  Growing up in Buffalo consisted of weekly pizza dinners, changing pizzeras over the years in hopes of finding a better slice. I’m not saying there is no good pizza in Buffalo, there is. The truth is that I love trying different pizzeras as there are always subtle and not so subtle differences in their slices. Pizza is like snowflakes, no two pies are the same.

It is with this pizza prowess in mind that I present to you, Larry and Joe’s Pizzeria at 533 Newark Ave. I ordered just one slice today because I brought my own spinach salad to eat beforehand. Normally, one slice would NEVER fill me up. Two slices are my norm. Today’s cheese slice cost me just $1.75 and was pretty decent (I really should have ordered two to fully satisfy my pizza needs).

The crust was crispy but not burned and was had the perfect balance of doughiness at the top and thinness for the body. There was a good amount of cheese but not so much that it was dripping off. It had just a tiny amount of grease on it. I almost wished for more of the drippy fattyness. The sauce was not sweet and tasted like a straight up tomato paste. Overall, this is a solid slice of pizza.

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